10 minute morning yoga

10 Minute Morning Yoga Session: A Perfect Start For the Day

Do you want to improve your physical and mental health? However, are you always short on time? What if we tell you that all you need are 10 minutes every day to stay in the best shape of your life? That’s right! Following a 10 minute morning yoga routine is going to take you a long way in life.

It is natural if you are completely unaware of what can you do in 10 minutes. Well, leave that to us and read out the following. The outlined poses of the 10 minute morning yoga session are simple and effective. So, without wasting any time, let’s head straight into it. Read on.

How to Start 10 Minute Morning Yoga Routine

One of the best ways to start your day is to get into a Tadasana. It is also known as the Mountain pose. Further, practicing this pose helps you feel grounded. Not just that, it also helps in stretching your body after sleeping in different positions the whole night. Hence, you should start a 10 minute morning yoga routine with the Mountain pose.

Urdhva Hastasana
Getting started with the Tadasana helps you develop a proper body posture. From there, you should lift your hands above your head. This improves the blood circulation in your hands, upper back, and neck muscles. It also helps activate your tricep muscles. Morevover, Breathing deep while practicing this yoga pose expands your chest muscles.

Warrior 1
A bit of stretching should always be the part of your daily yoga routine. For that, you should get into the Warrior 1 pose of a 10 minute morning yoga routine. It works on your inner thighs, lower back, and ankle mobility. Moreover, with regular practice of this asana, you get a stronger and tighter core. Furthermore, it improves the range of motion of your shoulder joints.

Warrior 2
Want to take your body balance to the next level? If yes, the Warrior 2 pose of 10 minute morning yoga should be a part of your session. Instead of raising your arms over your head, you should level them to your side at shoulder length. Doing this in the forward lunge position trains your core muscles along with your legs. Hence, you get a stronger torso muscle.

Triangle Pose
Do you have a tight lateral side in your body? In that case, you should practice the Triangle pose. This works on both sides of your body. Hence, your spine’s natural curve improves. Not just that, it also helps strengthen your knees and ankle joints. Hinging your abdomen a little further stretches your hamstring muscles.

Downward Dog
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, you should include Downward Dog pose in a 10 minute morning yoga session. This improves your shoulder mobility, core strength, strengthening your legs, and much more. Also, practicing this improves your wrist and neck mobility. You should practice tightening your core while doing this pose for better results.

Forearm Plank
Having a tight and strong core helps you with all the other yoga poses as well. The best and the most effective way to do that is to practice the Plank pose. Even though there are numerous variations of this pose, you should go with the Forearm Plank variation. This works on your elbow joints, neck, chest, thighs, hamstrings, and feet muscles. Not just that, this pose keeps your core in check.

Baby Cobra
Having trouble with your lower back? Want to expand your chest muscles? In that case, you should inculcate the Baby Cobra pose into your 10 minute morning yoga routine. This works on your shoulder joints as well. Hence, your shoulders’ range of motions improves along with having a flexible lower back. Breathing while practicing this pose helps in loosening the smaller spinal joints.

Bridge Pose
Another important yoga pose that works on your lower back, hip muscles, and abdominal area in a single go is the Bridge pose. Moreover, it also trains your neck muscles and joints. Lifting your hips with the support of your legs improves the strength in your hamstrings and calves.

Child’s Pose
To end the 10 minute morning yoga session, nothing works best like the Child’s pose. This helps in massaging your knees along with improving the range of motion of your spine. Moreover, it is one of the best poses to rejuvenate your body.

End Note

As you can see, 10 minute morning yoga routine serves you the best with minimal time at hand. Therefore, you should always practice yoga no matter how busy you are. Over time, you become healthy, strong, and flexible.