200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: A Novice’s Guide

Thinking about joining a yoga teacher training? Well, that’s a great thing. However, are you aware of which yoga course should you go with? No? Worry not! We have covered everything for you. As a beginner, the best thing for you is to go with the 200 hour yoga teacher training course. You might not have the least idea about what that is. In that case, we are here to help you at every step.

So, before starting your journey, you should first learn a bit about the 200 hour yoga teacher training course. Then, it would be a good idea to know about the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus. Doing this will surely help you become aware of the numerous elements in the course. Don’t forget to learn how to choose the best 200 YTT school to have a great yoga experience.

With all these questions in check, let us move our journey further. Keep reading.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: A Brief Introduction

In the simplest language, 200 hour yoga teacher training is a course that helps you learn about different yogic practices. Since yoga works on your body, this course also helps you become aware of different parts of your body and learn how the human body works.

Also, you slowly enter the world of yoga by exploring yogic philosophy. In short, the 200 hour yoga teacher training helps you have a brief glimpse of different elements of yoga. Hence, this helps you enhance your knowledge over 28 days.

Not just that, you even learn a bit about how to teach yoga to new practitioners in the teaching methodology session. Thus, 200 YTT takes you from being a learner to being a teacher. That will be a complete transformation of your life.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Since this is your first time, you must know what you will be learning. So, make sure you have a little better insight into the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus before enrolling in the course.

Yoga Alignment & Adjustment
How to adjust your body while practicing yoga and align it to ensure you are in the perfect form.

Anatomy & Physiology
Understand different elements of the human body, its planes of motion, and physiological mechanisms to minimize injury.

Different Yoga Forms
Explore different yoga styles and choose the one that aligns with your goal or aim in life.

Mantra Chanting
Have a deep understanding of Sanskrit mantras and learn how chanting mantras helps you become healthy.

The art of becoming conscious of your inner being and aligning your physical body with the mind to tap into the spiritual dimension.

Numerous variations of deep breathing exercises best suited for different forms of meditation practices and physical activities.

Cleansing your body and mind to purify yourself to reach the bigger goal in life.

Teaching Methodology
How to teach yoga to others, manage a class, understand their problems, and work with students to resolve them.

Yoga Nidra
The art of conscious sleeping to tap into your unconscious to flush out negative emotions and enjoy a sound sleep.

Yoga Philosophy
Understanding the true meaning of life, yogic principle, and making your life less complicated.

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How to Choose the Best 200 YTT School?

Since you have got a hint about what you will be learning in the 200 hour yoga teacher training, the question is – how to join it? How to know if a 200 YTT school is perfect for you? What should you look out for before joining it? That is covered in the following points.

Location is Must
When it comes to joining a 200 YTT school for the 200 hour yoga teacher training course, location is a major factor to consider. As a beginner, you should always go for a peaceful, serene, and beautiful place. You must be wondering why. Well, the environment impacts you unknowingly.

So, never head to a yoga destination that is overpopulated, noisy, in the center of a tourist location, or never sleeps. This will never help you to concentrate on your practice. Rishikesh in India is one of the prime examples of the perfect yoga destination.

Yoga Alliance Certification
Another crucial thing you must check is the yoga certification. You might get overwhelmed with the availability of different yoga certifications. However, always go with the Yoga Alliance certification. You will read about it a little later.

Just know that the Yoga Alliance certification ensures yoga practitioners get the most benefit from enrolling in a school registered with them. So, as a beginner, you must make the most of it.

Availability of Yoga Forms
Even though beginners should not look for numerous options, however, yoga forms are where it is acceptable. So, you must look at the availability of different forms of yoga before joining a 200 YTT school.

This helps you shift from one yoga form to the other in case you don’t feel comfortable. Also, in case you change your goal, having more options at hand will always make it easier for you to choose another style of yoga.

Access to Yoga Material
How often will you be allowed to access yoga material? Does the school have an adequate quantity of yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, or straps? What about yoga books and manuscripts? All these things must be in check before joining a YTT school.

You should remember that you are joining a course to learn yoga. Hence, access to everything will help you know how to use yoga props in yoga practice. In short, you must experience every little detail practically to make the most out of your practice.

Class Size Matters
What about the class size? Will there be a set limit? Are all the yoga practitioners beginners in a 200 hour yoga teacher training course? You should ask such questions before joining a 200 YTT school. This helps you become aware of their principles before giving out your money.

Moreover, you must never join a large yoga class. In that case, you might not get the needed attention of the yoga teacher. Also, getting your questions answered in such an environment is fairly a difficult task. Hence, always go with a small class with limited students.

Off-Mat Activities Count
Do you want to stay on the mat 24/7? Or, do you wish for a break now and then? If you want the latter, you should inquire about the off-mat activities before joining a 200 YTT school. This helps you explore the local culture and know more about them.

Also, check about the availability of adventure activities that you can enjoy once a break. This helps with rest and the recovery of your muscles.

Yoga Alliance: Introduction

You might be thinking about what Yoga Alliance certification is. It is a US-based non-profit organization that ensures yoga practitioners have the best yoga experience. Moreover, it helps yoga practitioners to have the right platform when it comes to being a yoga teacher.

So, the Yoga Alliance offers credentials to yoga teachers and yoga schools. For teachers, it gives registered yoga teacher (RYT) certification, and for schools, registered yoga school (RYS) certification. Furthermore, it ensures every yoga school has the basic infrastructure to facilitate students.

The Yoga Alliance has an online directory that keeps a check on registered schools and teachers. This helps teachers to have better exposure so that they get more clients. That is why you should always go with the Yoga Alliance certification only.

Why Choose 200 Hour Yoga Training in Rishikesh, India?

People from across the globe choose Rishikesh as their yoga destination. However, as a beginner, will it be the perfect yoga destination for you too? Or, why should you choose 200 hour yoga training in Rishikesh, India? Have a read.

Spiritual Aura
Do you know the energy of a place affects your yoga training? Rishikesh, India is a hub for yoga practitioners. Serious yoga practitioners from every corner of the world visit this place to have a deeper transformation.

So, as a beginner, it is the perfect place for you to start your yoga practice. Countless yogis spent years in Rishikesh practicing yoga. So, joining a 200 hour yoga teacher training here is going to enrich your yoga experience.

Presence of Yoga Masters
Are you satisfied with a yoga trainer? Or, do you wish to practice yoga under the guidance of a yoga master? If the latter is your choice, Rishikesh is perfect for your yoga training.

The presence of venerable yoga masters makes it the perfect yoga destination. You get to learn so many things from the fountain of knowledge rather than some other unreliable sources.

So, joining a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is going to change your life for good.

Rich Local Culture
Rishikesh is one of the best locations in the world that are rich in cultural heritage. You come across people from all walks of life. This helps you experience different perspectives of life. In short, it would be a completely different experience for you.

Also, it helps expand your beliefs. That means you become aware of how different people tackle their problems. In short, you also learn to think and act differently when you become social in Rishikesh.

Heaven on Earth
Do you want to experience bliss on Earth? If yes, you should head to Rishikesh, India. This place has beautiful mountain ranges, a river flowing through the center, deep valleys, caves, forests, and whatnot.

Hence, for nature lovers and true yoga practitioners, Rishikesh is heaven on earth. Practicing yoga in such a beautiful place is going to enhance its impact. Hence, it makes it one of the best reasons why you should head to Rishikesh to join a 200 YTT school.

True Yoga Learning
Yoga came into existence in Rishikesh, India. That is one of the reasons why it is called the birthplace of yoga. Moreover, more preference is given to practicing the true form of yoga.

Hence, visiting Rishikesh helps you learn authentic yoga rather than focusing on a hybridized form of yoga. True yoga seeps to the deepest cores of your being.

Benefits of Joining a 200 YTT School

With all that you read above, the question arises – why should a beginner take all the hassle to join a 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training? What is in it for the yoga practitioner? The following points might help you have the answer.

Earn Certification
The first benefit of joining a 200 hour yoga teacher training is that you earn a yoga certification. As mentioned above, you should join a Yoga Alliance certification only. That helps you later in your career as a yoga teacher.

Explore Yoga World
Another important reason to join the course is that you get the opportunity to explore the yoga world. This makes you familiar with what is happening in the world of yoga. It helps change your plans in case something is not aligning with the changing scenario around you.

Learn From Master
One of the most important reasons to join a 200 hour yoga teacher training is that you learn yoga from masters. Not everyone is capable enough to teach you yoga. That is why you should leave that job to dedicated yoga masters. They have spent all their lives mastering the art of yoga. So, you are in safe hands.

Become Yoga Alliance Member
Having a Yoga Alliance certification makes you the member of Yoga Alliance. That is, you become eligible for perks and other discounts being member. Moreover, you are always given the preference considering you have the membership. This alone is sufficient to open door to numerous possibilities in the future.

Know Usage of Yoga Props
You might practice yoga at home. However, no one is going to teach you how to use yoga props. Using props helps you advance your training over time. Moreover, with the right usage of yoga props, you stay away from injuries over time.


200 hour yoga teacher training is one of the most important steps in the life of a beginner yoga practitioner. Therefore, you should know more and more about it before enrolling in it. Make sure you have sufficient funds to cover the expenses to and from the yoga destination. However, more important is that whether you are dedicated enough to complete the practice. So, make up your mind and give it your all to be successful and have a great yoga career ahead.