Teaching tips for new Yoga Trainier

7 Teaching Tips For New Yoga Instructor

To become a yoga instructor it takes a lot of patience and practice. Besides helping you learn yoga poses, yoga training itself is a life-transforming experience. It helps you get a deep insight into the treasure that yoga holds.

As a yoga teacher you are responsible for spreading the wisdom of yoga. For this, enrolling in a certified yoga teacher training is the first step. The yoga teacher training offers you the tools to teach yoga to others.

To help you teach this ancient art to others, yoga experts have come up with some powerful tips.

7 Teaching Tips for New Yoga Instructor

Yoga is more than asanas and Pranayama. It is a lifestyle you adopt even when not in the class. For you to make a difference in the life of others, they too have to look at it as a lifestyle and not only a way to fitness.

Thus, yoga professionals have come up with 7 tips to help you make that possible.

  1. Maintain Balance

You can maintain perfect balance during yoga practice, same applies to your own self in person. A balanced mental and emotional state is imperative for a yoga instructor. It lets the students know that you are a reliable person. This is what brings them back to the next class.

Maintaining healthy emotional and mental health keeps you positive. This helps you form new relationships and a deep connection with yourself. A healthy balance helps you focus on the present moment. It also impacts your yoga teaching skills.

  1. Focus on the Details

A successful yoga teacher designs their yoga class by considering yoga sequences first. They deliver the same to their yoga class students. But keep in mind that it is not limited to only teaching asanas but also breathwork. Never leave out an opportunity to explain a yoga pose or concept to your students but do so in great details.

Yoga experts recommend you provide the students with proper adjustments and anatomical clues. You can also share your prior experience with yoga.

  1. Incorporate Breathing

Being a certified yoga instructor you must know the importance of breathing. Conscious awareness of breath activates an internal change in your body and mind. There are conscious breathing techniques like Pranayama.

Make Pranayama a part of your every yoga session. Combine Pranayama with asanas and meditation to help students dive deeper into yoga. Pranayama techniques help your students improve their level of concentration and focus.

  1. Design Class Around the Students

Even as a certified yoga teacher, there might come a specific type of student to your class you never expect. This can be a pregnant woman, yoga beginner, or an elderly. Invest more time in yoga workshops or CEY (Continued Yoga Education) program. These give you the confidence to teach individuals with specific needs.

Doing these courses helps you design the yoga class for a unique situation. You have to consider the student’s level of yoga experience and build accordingly. This helps you stand out from other yoga instructors.

  1. Practice Smooth Communication

To be the best yoga instructor, smooth communication is the key. You need to design unique methods of addressing the students in your class. For example, work on pronunciation of specific yoga terms. This lets you help beginners understand yoga in theory. This does take some time for you to get used to. But it provides you the best way to provide clear instructions to the students in your class.

  1. Commit to the Practice

One thing that sets you apart from other yoga teachers is – Self Practice.

To be the best yoga instructor you have to spend a lot of time in own practice. This gives you the confidence to grow in your journey to be the best. In other words, the more you practice, the better you come prepared to teach yoga to students. Self practice helps you connect with your true self and gain confidence in your ability.

  1. Stay Hungry

Even as a certified yoga instructor you have to remain hungry to learn more. In yoga there is no end point to learning something new every day. Despite of the experience you have as a yoga teacher you must keep learning more about this ancient art.


Want to become a certified yoga instructor? The tips mentioned above will help you stand out not just as a yoga teacher but help you grown as an individual.