New to Yoga Give TheseYoga Poses for Beginners

New to Yoga? Give These Yoga Poses for Beginners a Try

Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks are filled to the brim with modern-day yogis. You might have come across yoga practitioners who turn their bodies into a human pretzel. This makes you think – Can I do that yoga asana? Self-doubt and fear fill your mind. But, do not worry as there are some easy-to-do yoga poses for beginners you can try.

Why Should I Try Yoga?

As a beginner, practicing yoga will feel overwhelming to you. But you have to understand that yoga is a gentle and gradual process of self-growth. It takes time to learn and practice all the amazing yogic techniques. Doing yoga opens up a world of benefits for you.

7 Amazing Reasons to Try Yoga

Given below are 7 amazing reasons why you should give yoga a try.

1. Helps You Live in the Present

A vast majority of time you keep thinking about the past or future. Other times you get lost in the world of smartphones and emails. Daily practice of yoga helps you unplug from all the noise and focus on life as it happens in the moment. This helps you understand that you can experience true peace and quiet only in the present moment.

2. Helps Relieve Stress

Professional and personal commitments take a toll on your mental and physical health. The end result is stress and anxiety, but you can keep both of these at bay. There are many yoga poses for beginners that lower the level of stress. These also lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

3. Helps Sleep Better

Working late at night comes at a cost. It impacts your mental health. In the long run this can lead to Insomnia and other sleep-related issues. There are studies to show that yoga improves your sleeping pattern. It is beneficial for cancer survivors and postmenopausal women.

4. Improves Flexibility and Mobility

The main reason why many people never try yoga is due to lack of flexibility. What you should understand is that mobility is more important. The yoga poses for beginners has many functional benefits. Improved mobility helps you perform body movements so you do not feel stuck in your body.

5. Detoxifies Body

Daily yoga improves the mobility of your body’s internal organs. It aids them in performing the natural detoxification process. There are deep yogic breathing techniques that improve the functioning of your lungs. Even sweating during a yoga class ramps up the cleansing process.

6. Gives You Self-Confidence

Yoga gives your body and mind a gentle challenge. You struggle, sweat but learn a lot about yourself in the process. The best part? No one is going to judge you even when you falter during a yoga pose.

Daily practice of yoga poses gives you confidence in your physical capabilities. You also get to understand the functioning of different joints and muscles. It is a win-win situation.

7. Helps Lose Weight

A fast-paced lifestyle always has junk food as one of its components. This causes your body to accumulate unhealthy fat. Do not worry. Yoga can help you get rid of this fat. Daily practice of yoga makes you mindful of what to eat and what to avoid. It helps you understand the importance of putting nutritional food into your body.

Do you want to avail these amazing benefits? Then it is time for you to know the best yoga poses for beginners.

The Five Best Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga experts have come up with a list of yoga asanas you can practice as a beginner.

1. Mountain Pose

One of the most simple yoga poses for beginners is the Mountain pose. It is the base for all the standing yoga asanas. Mountain pose involves all the major muscle groups. Daily practice improves your level of focus and concentration.

2. Tree Pose

Tree is amongst the most resilient forms created by Mother Nature. It withstands even the harshest of weathers. You too can develop a resilient mindset by practicing this yoga asana. Tree pose is an awesome standing balancing yoga asana.

It improves your level of focus and gives you clarity. This yoga pose helps you breathe while standing and balancing your body weight on one foot.

3. Triangle Pose

Triangle pose is a wonderful yoga poses for beginners. It helps stretch the sides of your waist. This yoga asana also opens your lungs and tones your entire body. Triangle pose is also one of the essential yoga poses in many styles of yoga.

4. Warrior I Pose

The best yoga asana to develop strength and stamina in a yoga practice. It gives your hips and thighs a gentle stretch. The Warrior pose also builds strength in your entire lower body and core.

5. Seated Forward Bend

Forward bend is amongst the most effective yoga poses for beginners. It gives your hamstrings, lower and upper back a gentle stretch. It is the quintessential yoga exercise to open your body and breathe in challenging yoga positions.


Yoga is a gentle and holistic way to good health. If you want to enjoy a life with less stress and more happiness then give these yoga poses for beginners a try.