Sleep Like a Baby Every Night With Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Sleep Like a Baby Every Night With Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Do you toss and turn every night without an hour of deep sleep? Has staying up late become your daily routine? Have you heard of yoga nidra for sleep? It is a deep yogic technique which helps you enter a deep state of psychic sleep.

Yoga Nidra is where you undergo a deeper transformation. This transformation permeates your subconscious. It helps you develop a strong potential for growth and healing. But that is not all! There is a lot more you have to know about this yogic technique.

Do you know the process of Yoga Nidra? Yoga experts have come up with the complete information.

Yoga Nidra for Sleep – The Complete Process

Yoga Nidra is a complex yet awesome yogic technique. It helps your body and mind enter into a state of relaxation. The yoga nidra for sleep is a form of guided meditation. You practice it under the guidance of an experienced meditation teacher.

Let us take a look at how you practice Yoga Nidra.

  1. Relax Your Body

Lie down on the yoga mat. Allow your body to become still. Cover yourself with a blanket to be comfortable. Cover your eyes to remove distractions. Draw your attention inwards. Remain awake but even if you sleep that is normal. Your mind has to remain awake during this yogic technique.

  1. Set An Intention

After relaxing your body set a positive intention for your yoga nidra for sleep practice. This positive intention is known as Sankalpa. Repeat this intention a few times in your mind before moving to the next step.

  1. Rotation of Consciousness

Now the teacher asks you to pay attention to specific parts of your body. You have to move the awareness to different parts of your body with focused attention. This progressive movement has a specific physiological purpose. It stimulates and relaxes your mind. It is a mental scan of your body and focus on one body part after another.

  1. Experience of Opposites

Now the teacher guides you to experience opposites, like light and darkness. It helps your conscious mind determine what your body feels instead of responding to sensations. This is what makes yoga nidra for sleep the best yoga technique for deep sleep.

  1. Visualization

Visualization is an important component of yoga nidra. It helps bring what is stored in your unconscious mind out on the surface. It includes techniques like guided imagery. Visualization offers your mind the much-needed healing and balance.

  1. End the Practice

You have to end the yoga nidra for sleep practice with a positive resolution. At the end of the session your mind becomes open to positive thoughts and suggestions. A certified yoga school can help you learn this yogic technique without any hassle.

Following every step of the process opens up a world of benefits for you.

Health Benefits of Yoga Nidra for Sleep

The yoga nidra for sleep offers you plenty of benefits. It is the perfect yogic technique for people of all age and ability.

That said, given below are some major benefits of yoga nidra.

  1. Minimizes Stress

A lack of sleep does have an impact on your mood and well-being. But practicing yoga nidra can help you beat unnecessary stress with ease. A few minutes of daily practice of this yogic technique relaxes your mind and sleep peacefully at night.

  1. Improves Blood Pressure

Research has shown that practicing yoga nidra for sleep for 30 days does have a positive impact on the blood glucose levels. This is beneficial for those with Type-2 diabetes. In the long run this yogic technique controls your blood pressure levels, heart rate, and hormonal changes.

  1. Helps You Sleep

The yogic sleep helps your mind and body enter deeper states of relaxation. In the long run, this helps you sleep peacefully at night. If you practice yoga nidra with the intention of falling asleep experience reduced brain activity during night. This helps you sleep like a baby.

If you want to get back those lost hours of sleep and rest every night without any hassle then do yoga nidra. This ancient yogic technique relaxes your body and mind from all unnecessary stress. Join a certified yoga school to learn yoga nidra from experienced yoga teachers.


Want to sleep peacefully every night? Join a certified yoga school to learn and practice yoga nidra for sleep from experienced yoga teachers.