Certified RYS Academy

Top 8 Reasons to Enroll In a Certified RYS Academy

existence more than 5000 years, this ancient art does a lot more than help you become flexible. Daily practice of yoga also helps you connect with the supreme consciousness. It is a reason why there is so many RYS academy in India.

Do you feel sceptical about joining a yoga academy? Don’t worry! Yoga experts have got you covered.

Given below are some reasons why you should enrol in a yoga academy.

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Reasons to Join an RYS Academy

Everyone joins an RYS academy with a different purpose. Some join it to dive deeper into yoga practice while others enrol to get over past trauma.

Keeping that in mind, given below are 8 reasons for you to invest time and effort in a yoga academy.

You Learn Proper Alignment of Asanas

Every person learns yoga at their own pace and style. Some learn visually while others are a bit auditory. This is what makes an RYS academy worth your time and effort. The teachers are trained in providing lessons in both ways to help you learn the correct way to practice a specific yoga pose.

You Receive Physical Assistance

During online yoga class, all you can do is listen to the yoga teacher sitting on the other end of the screen. However, this changes when you go to an in-class yoga academy. The teachers provide you with hands-on assistance during the entire session. Similarly, when you feel uncomfortable during a yoga asana, you can ask the teacher for guidance.

You Deepen Personal Yoga Practice

Enrolling in a certified RYS academy does have its perks. One major advantage of doing this is the yoga teachers help you understand the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. The longer you practice under the guidance of a yoga expert, the deeper you go into yoga as art.

It helps you practice challenging yoga asanas as you spend time understanding different aspects of yoga including its philosophy. This is the best way for you to deepen your yoga practice without any hassle.

Helps You Avoid Injuries

Yoga might be ancient and spiritual, it does have its share of injuries and accidents. With proper guidance from a trained yoga teacher at the academy, you are more likely to be safe during a yoga session. In short, you can master challenging and advanced yoga asanas injuring your body in the process.

Helps You Connect with Others

At the RYS academy, it is not all about practising yoga asanas in theory and practice. This is a place filled with vibrant individuals from all walks of life. These are your yoga family for the time you are at the academy.

The common passion of yoga helps you connect with other individuals on a deeper level. You share life experiences and perspectives. It helps you grow as an individual in the long run and connect with your true self.

Helps You Explore Spirituality

Needless to say, the very concept of yoga is deeply rooted in spirituality. Even though you might have a different set of beliefs, the goal of yoga is common for all. It helps you connect with your true nature and the universal consciousness at large.

In the grand scheme of things, you start living a more conscious lifestyle and focus on the present instead of the past or future. Your improved level of consciousness is what lets you connect with the higher power.

Gives You “ME” Time

If you are busy and always “on the go”, joining the RYS academy is a blessing in disguise. It gives you enough time to disconnect from the external world and focus on the internal. In other words, the yoga academy helps you enjoy life away from the office desk by understanding who you are as an individual.

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Unlocks Your True Potential

Yoga is not all about Pranayama and asanas. It also includes the spiritual and mental elements to help you understand the true nature of your being. With time, as you start to practice challenging yoga postures, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and confidence. In the long run, this unlocks your true mental and physical capabilities.

Thus! These are the eight reasons why you should enrol in a certified yoga academy.


If you are tired of the 9 to 5 grind and need a break from all the chaos and noise, RYS Academy is the best place for you to be. The yoga teachers at the academy would provide you with in-depth knowledge of what yoga is.